Abhinav Chandel was born on June 15 in Kashipur, Uttrakhand, and works as a travel blogger and photographer for a living.

He loves to travel around the mountains, where he can see things from different points of view and show himself through all the different colors. His videos of exploration are fascinating and would make you want to go to new places. His Instagram page called “Abhiandnow” has 175K followers and is very popular. He also calls himself an NFT artist. With more than 5,000 Facebook friends and more than 4,000 Twitter followers, he lives the “dream” life of a travel addict. If you like going to new places, you should check out his YouTube channel. On it, he posts about his trips to places like Spiti, Udaipur, Srinagar, Kedarnath, and more. He loves the mountains and poetry, just like a real writer should.



Experience at work: Abhinav has a lot of experience as a blogger, which is his job. He has written for “21 Fools” and “Editor’s Delight” in the past. He has done a lot for the exploration business by working for “Xplorience,” a company based in Haryana that sends online influencers and artists to different places to work with them. He has also worked as a travel consultant and product developer (from 2016 to the present) at “Holidaychai,” a company that promotes beautiful, off-the-beaten-path places and activities in India. At Abhiandnow, he is good at both writing and taking pictures.

Yes, that’s right, the well-known photographer is selling his camera. Abhinav recently put an ad on Facebook that said, “If anyone in Dharamsala is looking for a used camera, I have one for sale.” I’m selling mine.” He is selling a Canon DSLR camera with two good lenses and an extra battery for INR 20,000. “I’m giving away this camera that I used on my mountain trips and with which I took a lot of pictures for a long time.” Body: Canon t3i rebel. Lenses: 18-135mm (great all-around lens for travel) and 50mm prime lens (great for portraits and making dreamy photos). Extra battery and charger included. It looks good, doesn’t it?
He is now a Spotlight Artist on Wazirx’s NFT platform and is finally getting into the world of NFT art, which he thinks will soon change the way art and photography are done.
Abhinav sells postcards he made from his different travels. The last one was “Postcards from Abhiandnow, Uttarakhand.” If you want one, go to his Twitter account right away!

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On how he pays for his trips

At first, it was hard to find money to pay for my trips. I had to save a lot and take trips that were very cheap. I went to Rajasthan once for a week and only spent Rs 2,700. To save money, they slept at train stations during the trip. I look for sponsors now, which means I have to do some work in exchange for the money I get. Or, I write to travel companies and ask to work with them while I’m on the road. I sometimes just use social media to find people who are like me and would be happy to host me or show me around.


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The Story of Abhinav Chandel

The traveler and photographer gives other travelers ideas for their own trips.

It’s never easy to follow your true passion. There’s usually a lot of uncertainty on that path, and it’s especially hard if you have a well-paying job and need to quit it to focus all of your time and energy on your passion. But Abhinav Chandel did that because he realized that travel and photography are two things that will make all the difference. Since four years ago, he has been traveling full-time. He creates travelogs and makes his followers a part of his journey by sharing the most interesting parts of his trips with them.

His tendency to act on impulse and his desire to travel are two beautiful parts of a love story that have filled his travel journals with beauty and wonder. He gets to know people through social media and then meets them in person when he travels. During these trips, he has done a lot of different things, like sing in a cafe, work at a local resort, set up shows of his photos, and use his travel knowledge as a consultant. He thinks that you only need one moment to decide to do something that makes you happy, and he hopes that his journey will inspire more people to follow their own dreams.


Today, people leave comments on my post telling me that I give them hope. I like it, but I can’t give myself all the credit for what I’ve become. People who are perfect in their own ways came into my life from time to time. Every day, they make me want to be a better person.

My parents and friends are very important to me on this journey through life. But there are also people I don’t know who are helping me change my mind. Here are 5 Instagram users who inspire me and who might do the same for you.

Wherever I go, I stay for at least a month, and if you ever wonder why, this man is the answer. A great photographer, a crazy traveler, and a person who inspires others. He is the most helpful person I know in the travel community, in my opinion. When I first talked to him, I had just started my journey. I was nervous about going on a trip by myself, but he pushed me to try it, and just one trip by myself changed my mind. Thank you, my favorite person, for being so humble and real.

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