Aidan Gillen (GOT Ator) Bio, Age, Height, Relationship, Affairs, Net Worth 2023 Controversy and More

Aidan Gillen (GOT): Bio

Aidan Gillen is an Irish actor who was born Aidan Murphy on April 24, 1968. He is known for his roles as Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish in the HBO series Game of Thrones (2011–2017), Tommy Carcetti in the HBO series The Wire (2004–2008), Stuart Alan Jones in the Channel 4 series Queer as Folk (1999–2000), John Boy in the RTÉ series Love/Hate (2010–2011), and CIA agent Bill Wilson in The Dark Knight Rises (2012). He was also the host of Other Voices for seasons 10 through 13. Gillen has won three Irish Film & Television Awards and been nominated for a Tony Award, a British Independent Film Award, and a British Academy Television Award.

Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen

Aidan Gillen (GOT): Biographical Details

Birth Date April 24,1968
Full Name Aidan Gillen
Birth Name Aidan Murphy
Profession actor
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity White
Birth City Drumcondra, Dublin
Birth Country Ireland
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Olivia O’Flanagan (2001-2014)
No Of Children 2
Height 175 cm
Education St. Vincent’s C.B.S
Last Update November 2022

Aidan Gillen (GOT): Career

Gillen was nominated for a British Academy Television Award for Best Actor for his role as Stuart Alan Jones in the Channel 4 show Queer as Folk and its follow-up. He was nominated for a Tony Award for playing the caretaker in Harold Pinter’s play The Caretaker on Broadway. He was also nominated for an Irish Times Theatre Award for playing Teach in David Mamet’s American Buffalo at the Dublin Gate Theatre in 2007.

Producers saw Gillen in The Caretaker and cast him as Tommy Carcetti in the HBO show The Wire. For this role, he won an Irish Film & Television Award for Best Actor in a Lead Role in Television.

In 2008, an Irish newspaper called him a “Irish cult hero.” He was in the movie 12 Rounds in 2009 and in the one-time BBC2 drama Freefall in July of that same year. In the British drama Thorne, he played Phil Hendrick.

Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen

Gillen started playing Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish on the HBO show Game of Thrones in 2011. This role earned him his second nomination for an Irish Film & Television Award.

He was on the show for seven seasons, until the last episode of the seventh season, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” when his character died.

In the British crime thriller Blitz and the British horror movie Wake Wood, he played the role of cop-killer Barry Weiss. Gillen played crime boss John Boy in the popular Irish crime drama Love/Hate. For this role, he was nominated for and won his third Irish Film & Television Award.

In 2012, he played CIA agent Bill Wilson in The Dark Knight Rises, which was his first role in a major Hollywood film. The character’s name comes from the novelization, not the script.

Gillen said that he liked playing the part, but that he preferred leading roles in low-budget movies to small parts in big-budget movies. Gillen’s character was talked about a lot on the Internet, especially on 4chan’s /tv/ board, because of the way he spoke in the first scene of the movie, on the plane. So, he became the focus of a popular Internet meme among /tv/ users called “Baneposting,” which refers to the conversation between Wilson’s character and Tom Hardy’s character Bane in the scene. Gillen also played a role in the British spy drama Shadow Dancer and was named the new host of the music show Other Voices in the same year.

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Aidan Gillen (GOT): Education

He went to St. Vincent’s C.B.S. for his early education before he started his career. He then joined the Dublin Youth Theatre, where he started acting and performing. In A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he made his first appearance on stage as Nick Bottom. Later, he moved to London and joined the Projects Arts Centre.

Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen

Aidan Gillen (GOT): Awards and Nominations

In 2000, Gillen won his first award for acting. For his part in the movie The Low Down, he won an award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. As his career grew and he got more roles, he was able to win more and more awards. His acting skills were always praised, and his name came up in different categories at award shows.

Since 2000, he has won the Empire Hero Award, the Irish Film Festival Award for Actor in Lead Role Television, and the Milan International Film Festival Award for Best Actor. He has been nominated more than once for the Tony Award, the Teen Choice Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Irish Film and Television Award, and the British Independent Film Award.

In all of the movies he has been in and roles he has played, he has become one of the best actors. Because of his good looks and skills, he has gained a lot of fame and fans. Audiences and critics have said nice things about his acting, and they can’t wait to see what he does next.

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Aidan Gillen (GOT): Net Worth 2023

The handsome actor, who is 48 years old, has pretty much spent his whole life acting. He doesn’t have any other way to make money, so most of his net worth comes from his roles in movies and TV shows. As of 2015, he was worth about $4 million. He started out as a young teenager and worked his way up to the top step by step.

Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen

Aidan Gillen (GOT): Olivia O’Flanagan and Gillen decided to split up.

Aidan made Olivia O’Flanagan fall in love with him with his signature smirk. He had moved to London to improve himself, and that’s probably where he and she met.

Aidan had to deal with a lot of paparazzi and the media after he was in the 1999 TV show Queer as Folk, which was praised by critics. But he was able to keep his private life to himself. They got married in a small ceremony in London on July 7, 2001.

Berry Murphy and Joe Murphy are the children of Aidan and Olivia Murphy. Before they split up, the couple and their children lived in the countryside of Kerry. He loved his country house a lot. He said once, ”

When Aidan won an Irish Film and Television Award in 2009, he told his wife and two children about it. He said that his family was very important to him. But the love between the famous people did not last. Aidan and Olivia’s 13-year relationship ended in 2014, five years after they broke up.


1. What is his name?

Ans: Aidan Murphy is an actor from Ireland. He is known for his roles in movies and TV shows, like Stuart Alan Jones in Queer as Folk on Channel 4. (1999-2000).

2. What’s Aidan’s age?

Ans: He was born in Dublin, Ireland, on April 24, 1968.

3. What is Aidan’s height?

Ans: Murphy is about the same height as most people. Based on how tall he looks in photos and how tall people around him are, he seems to be quite tall. But information about his actual height and other body measurements is not yet available to the public. We’ll add new information to this section when it’s ready.

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