Is Darren McMullen Sick? What Happened To Him On Celebrity Apprentice?

Darren McMullen cried on Tuesday’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice Australia. His fans worry about him being sick.

Darren is a Scottish-Australian radio and TV host and personality who also writes about and reviews music. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and when he was 12, he moved to Australia with his family.

He is best known for being a co-host on Australia’s version of “The Voice,” which he has done since 2013. He went to Bradfield College and then worked in advertising before becoming a radio and TV host.

In August 2019, McMullen made her debut as the “Prawn” on the first season of The Masked Singer Australia. In the same way, Celebrity Apprentice is moving in slow motion, with drone shots of the city and dramatic music, which can only mean one thing: it’s Finals week!

What Happened To Darren McMullen On Celebrity Apprentice- Is He Sick?

Darren McMullen is one of the top four candidates in the semi-final of Celebrity Apprentice, but his fans are worried about his health because he hasn’t been there. Benji Marshall, Amy Shark, Ronnie Caceres, and Darren have all made it to the final battle, but he is not there.

Lord Sugar seems to give a reason why Darren wasn’t there. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but Darren got sick last night. He is staying in the hospital.”

Sugar said, “It’s likely he won’t be able to finish the procedure.” Benji is upset about the idea that Darren might be kicked out of the tournament. “This really caught me by surprise,” Benji says. He also says that the news has made him cry.

On the other hand, some people don’t care as much.

The video crew finds Darren to see how he’s doing in the meantime. On the other hand, Darren’s chest pains started the next day. The doctors say that it might have been a small heart attack.

“It’s just heartbreaking to get this far and then have to give up,” Darren tells the cameras. On the other hand, Darren is not a person who gives up. Darren goes back to the mission base so that he can be in Benji’s arms again.

“Just when you thought you were done with me,” Darren says to his opponents, “I sneak up on you.” He’s on the show again now.

Darren McMullen Illness And Hospital Status- How Is He Now?

Darren was very sick and had to spend the night in the hospital. The doctors told him not to take too many risks and not to worry too much. He came back with a big bang and made his pitch in a very short time.

He was cared for by his nurse the whole time. Darren was on the show, and several bad things happened while he was there. On Tuesday’s episode of Celebrity ApprenticeAustralia, McMullen broke down in tears after hearing some sad news about a family member.

During a competition where people had to run their own pet photography business, something terrible happened. In a sad turn of events, Darren, who works in television, found out that his dog Mac has cancer.

Darren McMullen Partner On 2022

From what I can tell from his social media profile, Darren McMullen is not married. However, he used to date Crystal Reed.

Crystal is well-known for the great job she did in the popular American TV show Teen Wolf.

In 2013, they first met in a bar in Los Angeles. From the first time they met, Darren liked her. Darren was interested in Crystal because she was strong and strong-willed.

Crystal has all the traits that Darren was looking for in a friend. Their lives were both very busy, so they didn’t have much time to spend together. Because of this, their relationship didn’t work out, and after six years together, they split up.

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