Earn money from YouTube By Videos

To earn money from YouTube ads?

Earn money YouTube With time, the way of earning money has also changed. Now that era is not there when one had to go looking for a job with degrees of graduation and post-graduation.

Now the trend comes of earn money even by staying at home. If you are one of those people who do not want to do a 9 to 5 job then this article can change your life. In this article, we will tell you how to earn money from YouTube in India?

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How to earn money from YouTube views?

To earn money from YouTube ads?

How to get payment from Google AdSense, etc.?

The way computers and the Internet have brought about a revolutionary change in our lives, in the same way, there is a lot of change in the field of entertainment and information. YouTube has changed the definition of Entertainment. As well, YouTube has given millions of people a chance to earn.

Today, YouTube in India has become a great way of Earning. If you also want to earn money from YouTube in 2022, then know how you can earn money from YouTube.

What is YouTube:

YouTube is social media platform, whose main feature is uploading video. Almost all types of videos, all types of movies stored on this site, can be played and enjoyed by watching videos through the internet. This is the main video-sharing website based in San Bruno, USA. It came into existence on 14 February 2005, about 17 years today. Now its importance has increased a lot and it works as the subsidiary of Google.

On this Social Media Platform,  a common man can also upload, post, rate, share, report etc. YouTube videos by creating his channel. If someone misses any favourite TV show, then he can easily watch that missed episode according to his time.

Various types of TV Shows, Reality shows, Music videos, Short films, documentary films, audio recordings, live performances, movie trailers etc. are available on YouTube.

How to earn from YouTube:

First of all, you have to build a YouTube Channel. You have to log in by creating an account like Google on YouTube. In this YouTube Channel, you have to upload videos. You earn from these videos on YouTube. Videos are not specific, you can upload teaching videos, dance videos, technical videos etc. As the YouTube views increase on your videos, your earnings start. Earnings from advertising and promotions on YouTube.

How to starts a Channel on YouTube:

If you want to earn on YouTube, then the first step is to create a channel on YouTube. For this, you have to log in to your YouTube Channel with your Gmail ID. At the right side of Search bar, you can see your account. Here the option of My Channel appears, by clicking on it you have to give  a unique name to your YouTube Channel.

Need of description on YouTube Channel:

Now you have to write about the channel. In the description, you can write about content of videos will be uploaded on your YouTube channel.

Create Videos
Create Video Setup

Now Upload videos to your YouTube Channel:

After starting the YouTube Channel, it is your turn to upload the video. Your video should not contain any copied material. The content in your YouTube Videos should be unique and original. Whatever information you give to your audience via YouTube should be unique and keep uploading at least 2 to 3 videos in a week.

Do these things while uploading videos on YouTube:

If you want to get more and more views on your YouTube Videos, then definitely write the description of the video. Apart from this, you will have to enter focus keywords for the better reach of videos. Your keywords should be such that your videos come first in the search.

Do this work on YouTube for earning:

Just uploading videos on YouTube will not earn you money, your earnings will start when you apply for monetization program of YouTube. To apply for the monetization program from your YouTube Channel, go to the left side of the Channel Section, here you will see the option of the monetization program for YouTube.

Note: Uploading many videos for the sake of YouTube views on your channel is not the right way. The only way of earning from YouTube without making videos to apply for a monetization Program.

These are the conditions for earning on YouTube:

To apply for the monetization program, you must have at least ten thousand (10,000) views on your YouTube Channel. When ten thousand views are found, click on the monetization option. After clicking you have to submit your Email id for further process. After the procedure, you will get the approval for monetization. It takes two to three days for the approval of monetization.

What to do after getting the approval:

After getting the approval of monetization, you have to enable monetization in every video.

For payment from YouTube, you have to do this:

After getting the approval of monetization, you will have to go to the Google AdSense Website. By logging in here, you can update your bank details, address and other informative details. YouTube sends its payment only when your earnings reach 100$. This earning is the YouTube shorts fund to reward the YouTubers for their hardwork and dedication. Payment is send to you in Indian Currency. For payment, Google sends a PIN to your address, only after verifying it, Google issue the payment.

YouTube reach out to thousands of users each month to inform them that they are qualify for YouTube Shorts Fund.

Watch Video For more Knowledge : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MlVlaPLVUY


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