Watch: Howie Mandel Deleted Tik Tok Video- What Is Rectal Prolapse Surgery?

The internet has given Howie Mandel a poor reputation as a result of a terrible video that he uploaded to his TikTok account and shared with his followers. The judge from “America’s Got Talent” went to the website Tiktok, which is used for video sharing, and uploaded a horrifying video of a prolapse, which shocked everyone.

Since then, Mandel has become a topic that is trending on Twitter. Mandel recently posted a video to TikTok in which he included a photo of a friend who had a prolapse. The video has since been given the name “Howie Mandel Prolapsed video.”

Howie removed the offensive video after receiving feedback from his followers; however, some of his followers had already downloaded it before it was removed, and these followers are now sharing it on Twitter.

Watch: Howie Mandel Deleted Tik Tok Video

Howie Mandel’s most recent TikTok video is causing a stir on various social media platforms as it rapidly spreads across the internet. Howie Mandel, a comedian from Canada, recently uploaded a video to TikTok in which he shared a picture of a friend’s prolapsed video, which resulted in controversy and criticism on both Twitter and TikTok.

After receiving the negative feedback, Mandel removed the video from his TikTok account. However, a significant number of his followers were able to download the video and share it on Twitter.

The fact that Howie uploaded an offensive video to his official TikTok account has left his followers in utter disbelief. The upsetting photograph caused some of Howie’s fans to feel uneasy.

A lot of people were also confused about whether or not it was acceptable to post such a sexually explicit picture on the platform.

Howie was under the impression that the unfavorable comments would disappear once the video was taken down from TikTok. On the other hand, Howie Mandel’s supporters have downloaded the video of his prolapse and distributed it via Twitter.

The television personality is facing backlash from the public after posting an upsetting image, and many individuals are baffled as to why TikTok did not remove the video from its platform.

What Is Rectal Prolapse Surgery?

According to the Mayoclinic, rectal prolapse is a condition in which the rectum, the final segment of the large intestine, bulges and swells up from the urethra. This condition can occur in both men and women. Surgery for the correction of rectal prolapse is a treatment option for this condition. Following the surgical procedure, the rectum will be moved.

The graphic video that Howie Mandel shared on his website explains that the picture depicts a rectal prolapse in a very clear way. Howie Mandel asked the audience what they thought the connection was between the problems his friend was having and the outbreak of covids.

It is currently unknown what exactly causes a prolapse. It is possible that a physician will recommend treatment in order to correct such prolapses by repositioning the rectum to its normal location.

What Did Howie Mandel Do? Twitter Reaction

A revolting video of a prolapse was uploaded by Howie Mandel to the official Tiktok account he maintains. Howie Mandel has more than 9.8 million followers on his “officialhowiemandel” TikTok account, and his most recent video has received more than 180 million likes.

It’s been hours since Howie Mandel uploaded a TikTok showing an actual anal prolapse, but the video is still viewable online.

An upsetting image of a rectal prolapse that had occurred to one of the actor’s close friends was shown in a video that was uploaded to TikTok by the actor.

It is unclear why the video was not removed despite the fact that TikTok has made it abundantly clear that they do not allow films in which “an open wound or injury is the major emphasis.”

In addition, they state that if the content is particularly upsetting, they will “ban the account” and may report it to the relevant authorities. In their guidelines, they state very clearly that this is the case.

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