Watch: MADSKADIE Viral Video and Photos On Twitter and Reddit

Who Is Mads Kadie?

Mads Kadie is a social media star and TikTok content creator. On her mads.kadie account, she posts videos of dances, lip syncs, and storytimes. The platform is used by more than 550 000 of her loyal fans. Mads Kadie was born in Australia on January 6, 1992. Mads Kadie is a TikTok Star.

Before Fame

In July 2020, she put out a YouTube video called “The Beast Inside Top Scariest Moments.”


She is also a partner broadcaster on the app Twitch. She likes to watch live streams of competitive shooters and scary games.

Home Life

She had grown up in Australia.

In connection with

In August 2021, she did a lip sync show to Usher songs.

Mads Kadie Viral Video

It’s hard to say who made the recording and allowed it to go viral, but it’s often found that the victim posted their own private photos and videos. Mads Kadie got a lot of attention on social media after she posted her lip-sync video. Mads Kadie is well known in the online world. She makes videos for Tiktok and is a social media star. Her videos of her dancing and lip-syncing go viral after she posts them online. She also caused a stir when she posted on her account the controversial Storytime videos she had made under the name Mads Kadie. because of her videos

She has about 550,000 fans on this platform right now. Another video she posted on YouTube in July 2020 was called The Beast Inside Top Scariest Moments. She has a lot of followers on both Tiktok and Twitch. She likes to watch streams of horror movies and multiplayer shooter games. The internet sensation began in Australia. Two of her personal videos went viral on Twitter and Reddit, which is why she is in the news right now. Before it was shared with other social media sites, the video was first posted on these platforms. A lot of people want to find the popular video of her.

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