NFTs How to earn ?Yes! People are making a lot of Money 💸💸

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Guys, NFT has become a completely new and trending topic of today’s times! Everyone is talking about making lakhs and crores of rupees with the help of this and all the big tech monsters are working behind it! So today we will see how to earn money by NFT. Also, we shared some NFT Business ideas.

A question also arises in People minds is it possible that people can earn lakhs and crores from this.

So the answer is,” Yes! People are making a lot of money by NFTs.


Earn money by NFT

But How to earn money by NFT? Can you also want to earn money from NFT? Can I start Business? You will find answers of many questions regarding NFT in this article? So let’s start? But first of all, you need to know about introduction of NFTs. So to understand all information about in a very easy language, you must read this article of ours in which we tell you, What is NFT? How does this work?

Best ways to earn money ?

Creating an NFT Asset :

The first and 100% working way is to earn money by creating an asset! You can sell them by making NFTs, listings them on any Platform! Any interested person can buy it for whatever price you want! Also, you can bid and sell it at higher prices through the or collection created by you by bidding!

How to make an NFT or Collection:

See there are many types of NFTs, such as photos, videos, music, or anything else that is in a digital format! Let’s say you have created a Unique Character or Avatar, then you can change something in it to make more different types of NFTs like that! So this will become your entire collection then you can list and sell it or earn money!

This method is very useful for designer’s artists, Photographer’s and Digital Creators etc., although anyone can do it!

Below are some NFT platforms where you can sell your NFTs :

  • Binance
  • OpenSea
  • Foundation
  • Solanart
Now let’s move to the next method.
  • From NFT royalties: Token Royalty means when you make and sell any 1 time, you get full money for it! But now when the person who buys it sell it further, then you get a part of the money for which he has sold! This is called NFT Royalty. To place it in simple language, it is like a commission! Now the question is, how much royalty will you get so it is not fixed, on some platforms it is 10% now.
  • By Trading NFT: It simply means, just like you earn money by buying shares in the share market for less money and selling them when price increases. In the simplest form, you can earn good money by trading. Whenever there is a new or collection that you are confident that its price will be raised in the coming time, then you can buy it or sell it when the price increases!

But it is risky like the share market and completely depends on your research and understanding! You may even earn lakhs of rupees from it or become NFT valueless. Therefore, trade NFTs only at your own risk, after careful consideration!

  • By Playing games to/ from NFT  gaming: How cool it would be if you earn money by playing games? These are very funny and funny things, but it is true that you can make money from Gaming! A large part of the NFT and realistic concepts focus on gaming, as the Gaming Industry today is expensive and millions of people are involved in gaming!

So now there are 2 ways how you can make money from it

By playing Games: You get rewards for winning games from other players in their crypto-currency! You can collect and redeem them!

By NFT Renting: You can buy your assets in the game and sell them to others and rent them also. Like- Avatars, Guns, Skins etc.

earn money playing nft games earn money through nft earn money selling nft earn money nft
Earn Money By Playing

Investing in Startups:

As the NFTs is more used and valuable, similarly the projects and startups related to it are also coming fast in the market and are growing very fast! You can also earn money by investing in startups. Although this is a long term method, you can have to wait a bit!

Here you have to keep this in mind during startup, to be that Startups can also become Unicorn and spread, so have to take care! Make this investment at your risk and only after doing Good Market Research!

Creating the marketplace:

By creating your own Marketplace, you can invite people to sell and buy collections and NFTs on your platform, you can earn a lot of money by taking platforms charges from them.

This is a technical bit and difficult from other methods. But remember that nothing is impossible. Put your best ideas and hard work on it, then you can build your own platform by hiring good developers. In India, many startups are working on these things right now!

By creating an Course:

If you are a designer, web or blockchain developer or well knowledge in NFT, then you can make a great passive income by making online courses. Because in today’s times everyone wants to know and understand regarding this new method of earn money, then only one wants to make a career in this field! So this is high time for you to start your journey by creating NFT Course.

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Hope you understand all facts about NFT in this article. Stay connected with us for more information.

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