Is Shirley Allen Dead or Alive? Murder Details Explained

Shirley Allen
Shirley Allen

People want to know if the evil is still alive or dead, which is why the news of Shirley Elizabeth Allen’s death has been in the news lately. Read more about Shirley Elizabeth Allen below. After digging up the victim’s body again for a re-postmortem report and looking into the family’s life and history, police came to the conclusion that Shirley Elizabeth Lloyd, Allen Lloyd’s wife, had a secret past. They thought that she poisoned her husband to get the insurance money he would get after his death.

Is Shirley Allen Dead or Alive?

Police looked into her past, and her daughters, Norma and Paula, and her ex-husbands, four of whom divorced her and one of whom changed the nominee on his insurance policy from Shirly to someone else just before he died even though he was still married to Shirly, told them some shocking things. also died without anyone knowing, and she was trying to get $25,000 from his insurance. One of her ex-husbands also said she poisoned him, and he divorced her after that.

Her daughters, Norma and Paula, told who was there when she put poison in Lloyd’s beer and he drank it. She often puts poison in his food and drinks since they got married in March 1982. Norma and Paula told the police that their mother beat them and scared them so much that they didn’t want to talk about it. Shirley Elizabeth Allen died in prison on April 2, 1998, after serving 14 years of her 50-year sentence with no chance of parole. She had been found guilty of murder and other charges of plotting to kill people.

Allen Lloyd was born in his hometown of Campbell, Missouri, on August 23, 1942. He worked for the Air Force and planned to move back to his home in St. Peters, Missouri, when he retired.

In September of 1981, Allen Lloyd married Shirley Elizabeth. Records show that Shirley Elizabeth, who is married to Allen Lloyd, was married five times before she married him. Allen Lloyd has a deep trust in his wife Shirley Elizabeth. He loved her very much and cared for her stepsons from a previous marriage, as their relatives attested. But Lloyd’s deep trust was broken by his wife. After a few months of marriage, Allen Lloyd started having health problems. On November 1, 1982, he was found dead in his home. He had never had any health problems before.

When police arrived in St. Peters, Missouri, they found his body in his home. His body was cool because he had died hours before, and it was said that he died of natural causes. His wife, Shirley Elizabeth, quickly set up his burial, but after some questions about his wife’s body, she brought it back from the grave and had it tested for a poison called ethylene glycol. She was claiming $25,000 from Lloyd’s insurance money and asked him to sign the papers.

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