Stock Market How to Invest in Stock and Earn

Stock Market:

Share or stock market today is the place where you can invest your money and earn a good amount of money. In the stock market today, there are shares in the names of the different companies.

When the investors start to understand the stock market basics as well, then he becomes a well and experienced player in the stock market.

Sectors in the Stock Market:

There are many types of sectors or fields in the stock market today. Oil Real Estate, Banking, Consumer Goods, Metal, Steel, Power, Communication are some of the factors where investors can invest as per their choice. If any investor wants to invest and choose his favourite company in which they invest then first of all, he has to know about the company.

Best Sector you have to choose:

As we have seen above that there are many sectors or fields in front of investors where they invest. It is a complicated task for anyone to tell which will be the best sector. This task becomes more difficult when the economical condition of the country is not right. In such a situation, experts advise to choosing stock market capitalization because in such situations large-capitalization stocks tend to dive a lot.

Keep these necessary things in mind while buying or selling shares:

Buy and sell stock market
Buy and sell

Should be well learnt:

Never jump or invest in the stock market without knowing it. If you can’t understand about the stock market? You don’t know about the level of investment? Then you will have to suffer a lot in the future. You should be observed and understand the stock market live graph. Stock Market live graph helps you to analysts the stock market today and give information about Stock Market Chart. Various stock market analyst work behind the stock market live. To understand the stock market basics first. Give time to yourself, read stock market news daily, get information about shares from newspapers, understand the business plans, stock market holidays of the company and balance sheets. Also understand P/E, EPS, ROE and then invest in the stock market. Use Stock Market books to take deep knowledge about Stock Market today.

Long term investment:

You have to invest shares in long term investment after learning about stock market live graph, Stock market basics and stock market news. It is considered a safe way to invest than a short term investment. You can earn a lot of money by Intra-day trading in a short passage of time. So stock market advisors are always advised to investing shares in long term investment because they know stock market basics as well.

Choose only what you know and understand:

Usually, you invest shares in any company as per your choice and interest. But we advised you to invest only in those companies who you might know.

E.g Rather than a company of web development and hardware-software manufacturing, you better understand the manufacturing company of Meggi, biscuit etc.

    4. Set fixed price: Before selling the shares, you should be set a    fixed price. Never sell shares in the stock Market Crash situation. Stock Market Crash makes you economically weak.


For e.g, You buy the share at Rs. 1000 and set a fixed rate. Suppose you set Rs.1300 for the share to sell. Whenever your share attains this fixed price set by you, you sell it and earn a profit.       

  • Don’t buy too many shares at initial phase of the stock market: Yu should not buy many shares of the same company at the initial phase. You have to buy small shares from different sectors of the different companies. After sometime, you raise your level of investment in shares as per your knowledge.
  • Choose a well and good company for shares: You have to buy shares of those company only who is economically strong and stable. You have to observe the management of the company. Because there is less chance of making money by shares in those

a company that is economically weak and does not have good working management.

How to invest in Stock Market:

stock market
stock market

The big question that arises in people’s minds before investing in the stock market is how to invest in the stock market?

First of all, decide when you need whatever investment you are looking to invest in because this allows you to choose short and long terms.

You should know thoroughly about the details & stock market chart of the company in which you will take shares to invest. For this purpose, you can take the help of a stock market advisor.

Stock Market advisor advised you on how to invest in the stock market? At the initial stage, how much investment is required? How to check the stock market capitalization? How to choose a good company to invest in?

Also, there are some pages of stock market astrology 2022, which declares profit in technology and PSU by stock market astrologers.

You don’t need to invest only in one company. You can also invest in more than one company as per your interest.

Need of Demat Account for investing shares:

You must have a Demat account for investment, for this you will have to approach any bank or share agent companies like Share Khan, Reliance Money and India Infoline. Until recently, there was the physical trading of shares. In this shares were transferred directly.

Now the buying and selling of shares are done via Demat account of any bank or financial institution. That’s why Demat account is necessary.  

You can buy or sell shares yourself or a share agent company on your behalf.

Period of investment in Stock Market:

There are two methods adopted by investors to invest in the stock market.

  • Long term investment
  • Short term investment

Investors can keep the shares bought in short term for 3-6 months. On the other hand, shares purchased in the long term can be kept with you for more than 6 months.

Usually, Ordinary Investors or consultants are advised that long term investments are best as day trading. Meanwhile, short term investments are more risky than long term investment.

Nowadays trading of shares is done electronically. You will be able to invest shares through various stock market trading apps. This procedure is done through the Mumbai Share Exchange and the National Share Exchange. Apart from the exchange, investors can also take the help of agent houses like Share Khan, ICICI Direct and Reliance Money.


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