Princessaprilxo Age: How Old Is The TikTok Star? Social Media Star Details Here

Princessaprilxo is a Tiktok star that is now trending for her appearance, and she has become extremely popular as a result. She claims that the fact that she is getting on in years makes it difficult for her to find a date.

Because of this revelation, a significant number of users on social media are interested in obtaining accurate information regarding Princessaprilxo’s age. When you find out how old she really is, you’re going to be really taken aback. Learn more more about her as time goes on.

Who Is Social Media Star Princessaprilxo On TikTok?

Princess April’s Tiktok handle, which can be found on the platform under the moniker Princessaprilxo, boasts a total of 19.5 thousand followers.

She is well-known for posting a variety of videos on her channel, which may have lip syncs, dance movements, fitness, questions, and a great many other things. On the other hand, it is her stunningly gorgeous Asian appearance that has garnered her more than 86,700 likes on Tiktok.


2018 was the year that April first began posting selfies to the Instagram account that bears her name. Her Tiktok account became quite popular very soon due to the fact that she danced to well-known songs and because she is a well-known figure.

She has modeled quite a bit, in addition to appearing in many advertisements, in her career. It seems as though she had access to her very own clothesline.

Princessaprilxo Real Age: How Old Is She?

In the year 2022, Princessaprilxo will be 44 years old. She does, however, look to be two decades younger than she actually is as a result of her extraordinary genetics.

After disclosing her age in a video that has since gone viral, many people are finding it difficult to believe that she is currently in her forties. According to The Mirror, her video has already been viewed by more than 8.2 million people.

Tiktok senstation Princess April is 44 years old
Tiktok senstation Princess April is 44 years old

According to a statement made by Princessaprilxo, which was published in The Mirror, she claimed, “Men likes me until I tell them my age… 44.” She also told her 19 thousand followers that “nobody wants a cougar” in a post she made.

A good number of her supporters were taken aback when they learned the truth about her age. Someone emailed asking, “What is your secret. You are need to have one. You have a really pretty face, and you have the appearance of women in their 20s.

One of them commented, “I don’t think those were males, you must know a lot of boys hehe, age does not matter as long as the woman has a decent attitude and is true to herself.”

Another user mentioned that: “Age is nothing more than a number. Your heart is the most important thing.” “They still like you, but they think about wanting children and they think it’s not possible with you anymore,” stated a third guy.

Meet Princessaprilxo On Instagram

On Instagram, Princessaprilxo may be found posting under the account @xoxprincessapril.

In addition to that, she models for adults. She has an active account on both OF and Fans in her name, and the combined total of the likes on her material is above 31,000.

According to the information on her Twitter account, she asks $7 for access to the premium content. On the basis of her revenues from social media and the commercial connections she has formed, it is estimated that her net worth is greater than 130 000 dollars.


Oh no! We are unable to provide an accurate count for the amount of followers that Princess April (@xoprincessapril) has. This indicates that the quantity is kept hidden by this account, which implies that no one, not even the fans, is aware of how many individuals are subscribed.


The tags that best define Princess April (@xoprincessapril) and her Instagram account. Only fans are considered to be teenagers, amateurs, and famous. You ought to look for profiles like to yours in our OnlyFans Categories.


Princess April, also known as @xoprincessapril, has accumulated a total of 327 posts along with 273 photographs and 54 videos on her account. If you subscribe to this Content Creator, you will unquestionably have a great time because it has such an incredible number of followers. You can tell that a lot of work went into creating this OnlyFans account because the typical number of photographs and videos posted on these pages is less than 100.


Princess April, whose Instagram handle is likewise @xoprincessapril, is a member of Your Mom’s. Check out the “Search OnlyFans by location” part of our website if you want to see more Content Creators from that Country. You can do so by clicking on the “Location” drop-down menu.


Princess April, whose Instagram handle is likewise @xoprincessapril, is a member of Your Mom’s. Check out the “Search OnlyFans by location” part of our website if you want to see more Content Creators from that Country. You can do so by clicking on the “Location” drop-down menu.

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