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Vinay Kumar is an Indian actor who works in movies and on stage. He is sometimes called Vinay Forrt.

He is a theater activist from Fort Kochi, Kerala. He has worked in theater for more than a decade and has a master’s degree in acting from the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, India. Ritu, a movie in the Malayalam language, was his first (2009).

Vinay Forrt
Vinay Forrt

Education by Vinay Forrt

He went to St. John De Britto Anglo-Indian High School in Fort Kochi and Aquinas College in Edacochin, both in India. During his first year of college, he joined Lokadharmi Theater and took part in their shows. After that, he decided to become an actor for a living and went to the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, India, to get his master’s degree. Since almost ten years ago, he has been a performer and part of the Indian theater community.

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Career of Vinay Forrt

Dheeraj Nandakumar, another actor who wanted to get into FTII, asked Vinay for advice on how to get into the acting program and told him about the audition for Shyamaprasad’s movie (Ritu). When Shyamaprasad gave Vinay a lead role in his movie Ritu, it changed his life for good (2009). In Shyamaprasad’s movie Ritu (2009), Vinay Fort made his first appearance as a gay character in a small but memorable role.

In 2011, he was in Anup Kurian’s English movie The Blueberry Hunt with Naseeruddin Shah. Navagatharkku Swagatham had a performance that stood out (2012). The movie didn’t do well at the box office, which was a shame. In the end, Vinay played smaller roles in more movies. When he played Nanmayil Suran in Shutter, he became well-known (2012). Critics and audiences liked the movie, and it was shown at festivals all over the world. In the 2014 thriller 7th Day, Vinay plays an important supporting role.

Vinay first became well known when he played Vimal Sir in Alphonse Putharen’s Premam. Because of this funny role, he became a huge star, and some of the lines he said in the movie are now known as cult classics. Urumbukal Urangarilla, a comedy-thriller movie in which he played the main role and which came out in 2015, was both praised and criticized. Vinay went on to star in movies like Kohinoor (2015), Kammatti Paadam, Kismath (2016), and God Say (2017). (2017). He had the main role in the movie “Hello Namasthe” (2016). It didn’t do well at the box office, which was a shame. In 2017, he had important supporting roles in the movies Georgettans Pooram and Role Models.

Vinay played the lead role in Thamasha (2019). He played Srinivasan, a bald Malayalam professor who has been looking for a wife but hasn’t found one yet. Several reviews said that it was one of his best shows. In the satirical movie Paapam Cheyyathavar Kalleriyatte, Vinay played the lead role (2020). Most critics gave the movie high marks. Mohan Kumar Fans (2021), in which he played the funny Kripesh/Akash Menon, was a big hit. In Mahesh Narayanan’s Malik (2021), Vinay was praised for his role as David Chistudas, the main character’s former friend who turned out to be an enemy. Most people agree that this is one of his best acting jobs to date.

Vinay Forrt
Vinay Forrt
Name Vinay Forrt
Other Names Vinay Kumar
Occupation Actor,
TV Personality
Gender Male
Date of Birth 13 January 1983
Birth Place Fort Kochi, Kerala, India
Residence Kerala, India
Age 39 Years

Bio of Vinay Forrt

Vinay Forrt is a Malayalam actor. He was born in Kerala, in the city of Kochi, in 1983 as Vinay Kumar. His father is M. V. Mani, and his mother is Sujatha. He has a sister named Suma and a brother named Shyam. Vinay went to Boys School in Fort Kochi when he was young. During his first year after graduation, he joined Lokadharmi theater and started acting in plays. Vinay has been involved in theater activities for more than ten years. He went to the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune to get his master’s degree in acting. In 2004 and 2005, the Government of India gave Vinay a scholarship for being the Best Senior Theater Actor. He made his debut in “Ritu,” in 2009. Shyamaprasad gave him the chance to shine in the movies. Even though he only had a small part in “Ritu,” people remember him well. Vinay also dances classically.

In 2011, he was in “The Blueberry Hunt” with Prithviraj Sukumaran and Indrajith Sukumaran. It is an English movie with Naseeruddin Shah and Anup Rubens as the director. In 2014, he played the main role in “How Old Are You,” which was Manju Warrier’s first movie after a long break. The movie “Premam,” which Alphonse Puthren directed, made him well-known. “Hello Namasthe,” with Bhavana Menon, Miya George, and Sanju Sivram, is his most recent movie. Bhavana Menon, Miya George, and Sanju Sivram. Vinay has made more than 25 movies in the six years since he started making movies. He has worked with almost all of the big directors, including Shyamaprasad, Sibi Malayil, Amal Neerad, Dr. Biju, Rosshan Andrews, Alphonse Puthren, and Aashiq Abu. In 2014 and 2015, he made five movies each year, which is the most he has ever done in a single year. He has done well in his career as both a theater actor and a movie actor. On December 6, 2014, at the Guruvayoor temple, Vinay married Soumya Ravi, who had been his friend for a long time.

Vinay Forrt
Vinay Forrt

Vinay was born to M.V. Mani and Sujatha on January 20, 1983. He is a well-known film and theater actor. Suma and Syam are his two brothers and sisters. He lives in Fort Kochi, a town in Kerala, and has a lot of theater and acting experience. He got his degree from India’s T.V. Institute in Pune. After years in the theater, he moved into the world of movies. Vinay worked at a few different jobs to pay his own bills before he got a job in the movie business.

He debuted in Malayalam film, Ritu in 2009. Vinay is an actor and a contemporary dancer. From 2004 to 2006, the Indian government gave him a scholarship. He was the main character in the movie Blueberry Hunt, which was directed by Anup Kurian and starred the famous actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Ritu, Anwar, Blueberry Hunt, Manglish, and Seconds are some of the movies he has been in. Vinay got better at what he did by joining different theater groups in Cochin City. He will always be thankful to his parents for being there for him. He spent time teaching and making art with several theater groups in the area. He got a perfect score on the PPC tests. During his time in movies, he became more serious about his girlfriend, Ms. Soumya, and on December 6, 2014, he married her. The success he had with theater movements helped him do well on his degree exams. Vinay also sometimes shows off his dancing skills. Shyamaprasad was the first person to give him a chance.

Vinay recently worked on Avarude Ravukal with Asif Ali and Unni Mukundan. During the 2016 Kerala Assembly Elections, he spoke up to call attention to the need for quality control over food and traffic rules. In 2016, he will be in Hello Namaste, which is directed by Jean K. Nair, and Kanmati Paadam, which is directed by Rajeev Ravi.

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Early Life and Education

Vinay Forrt was born to M. V. Mani and Sujatha in Fort Kochi, Kerala. His real name is Vinay Kumar. He changed it to honor the place where he was born. Suma is his sister, and Syam is his brother. He went to St. John De Britto Anglo-Indian High School in Fort Kochi and Aquinas College in Edacochin to get an education. He worked in a restaurant, a coffee shop, a medical shop, and a call center before he got into the movie business. During his first year of college, he joined Lokadharmi Theater and started taking part in their plays. Later, he dropped out of college to study acting at the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, India. As an actor and an activist, he has been a big fan of Indian theater for almost a decade. The Indian government gave Vinay the National Scholarship for the Best Senior Theater Actor (2004 – 2006). He also does contemporary dance.


Vinay Forrt is a new actor who is making a name for himself in South India and Bollywood. Before he started acting in movies, he was very involved in the state’s theater movement. Since he was interested in drama and acting, he carefully planned his path and chose the classes that would help him become a successful actor. His acting skills were shown when he got into the Pune Film Institute, a well-known acting school. It was hard to get into the Film Institute in the first place. Vinay’s involvement with the institute, which lives up to its name, helped him meet more people in the film industry. He tried to make friends with people in the Bollywood and South Indian film industries. Even better, he got a National Scholarship for acting for two years, from 2004 to 2006. After he was chosen for the National Scholarship, Vinay’s reputation as a skilled actor grew. As he neared the end of his postgraduate acting course at the Pune Film Institute, he started getting offers from movie directors all over the country. The great director Shyamaprasad was the first one who was brave enough to give him a chance. The young Vinay acted in the movie Ritu with his help and got a lot of praise for it. The young actor never looked back again after that. Even though he was very busy, he still found time to date his fiancee, Ms. Soumya. The two kept seeing each other for a while. In a short time, the relationship would be made official by getting married. In order to do this, he recently got engaged to his girlfriend.

Awards for Vinay Forrt

  • Won the Best Pair award at the 2016 Asianet Comedy Awards.
  • Won the first IIFA Utsavam for acting in a comedic role in Malayalam.
  • He was nominated for Best Comedian at the 18th Asianet Film Awards.
  • Nominated for the Best Comedian in Malayalam for the 5th South Indian International Movie Award.

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