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Vladimir Furdik Bio

Vladimir Furdik was born in Bratislava on July 1, 1970. He was born in Slovakia. The young man was interested in martial arts from a young age. When he was 15, he quit school to work at a Bratislava equestrian club that raised and trained horses for the film industry. When Vladimir worked in a club, he saw people do tricks for the first time. In a few years, he learned how to be a stuntman. The young man did the hardest tricks on horseback, fought in costumed fights, and put on shows where he showed how good he was with a sword. Gustav Kuselica, who started and led the Borseus stunt team, was the young man’s teacher.

Vladimir was a stand-in for the main character in the Slovak TV movie Tremor in 1990. Three years later, a casting assistant asked him to be a stuntman in the Three Musketeers movie, which was directed by Stephen Herek, who also made Critters and 101 Dalmatians. Furdik’s film career began when he was in the movie and worked with well-known actors like Charlie Sheen, Gabriel Anwar, Rebecca de Mornay, Kiefer Sutherland, and Julie Delpy.

The stuntman’s next job was in the Italian fantasy adventure “Dragon Ring” by Lamberto Bava, where he not only replaced Franco Nero and fellow Italian Karl Rodin, but also had a small role.

Vladimir Furdik
Vladimir Furdik
Name Vladimir Furdik
Age 58 years
Date of birth 1st of July 1970
Nationality Slovakian
Gender Male
Marital Status Married
Wife Denisa Furdíková
Occupation Actor
Children 3
Zodiac Cancer
Net worth $2,000,000

Vladimir Furdik Career

Vladimir Furdik is a Slovak actor and stuntman, as was already said. He is well-known for playing the Night King in the hit HBO show “Game of Thrones.”

Notably, Vladimir’s big break in the entertainment/movie business came with “The Three Musketeers” in the 1990s. thrillng.com says that Vladimir Furdik is a well-known figure in the Slovak movie industry, even though he started out in show business as a stuntman.

Vladimir’s first job as a stuntman and movie actor was in the movie “Tremors – In the Land of Rocket Worms. Vladimir got his first acting job after working on this project in 1990. It was in an Italian fairy tale movie called “Ring of the Dragon.” This movie was his first time on the big screen.

Vladimir was a member of “Tostador Espadrones” before he became a movie actor. This was a group that showed traditional fighting skills and weapons in Bratislava and all over Czechoslovakia.

Vladimir Furdik, whose nickname is “Furdo Vlad,” is doing so well in the business that he has won several awards, including “the screen actors Guild award.”

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Vladimir Furdik Net Worth

As of 2022, he is thought to have a net worth of about $3 million, all of which he made through his work.

As a stunt man, he makes between $70,000 and $250,000 per year.

Also, he makes between $60,000 and $120,000 per year from movies and between $30,000 and $60,000 per episode of “The Night King.” He also has two Czech Wolfdogs, which cost about $1500 each.

Vladimir Furdik
Vladimir Furdik

Vladimir Furdik’s Personal Life

Vladimir is currently married to Denisa Furdikova, whom he met in college. Denisa, who is Furdik’s wife, comes from Europe and was born in the Czech Republic. Denisa and Furdik got married in the Czech Republic in a private ceremony.

Vladimir Furdik is also proud of being a dad to his two girls. Sara Furdikova, his first daughter, was born in 1997, and Karla Furdikova, his second daughter, was born in 1999. Furdik’s relationship with his wife and daughters is a happy one.

The Night of Game of Thrones King has always been interested in stunts. He was also a member of Tostabur Espadrones, a group that learned and showed traditional ways of fighting. He wants to be a great stunt man instead of an actor.

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In the Game of Thrones, Vladimir Furdik is the Night King

HBO made a deal with George Martin in 2007 to film the whole series of fantasy books called A Song of Ice and Fire. The writer helped write the script, and the process of getting ready and choosing the actors took almost four years. However, when the first season of Game of Thrones came out in 2011, it went straight to the top of the ratings and won the audience’s love. World-famous movie stars, for whom being in the saga was another acting success, and very young actors, for whom the series was a stepping stone to the top of the Hollywood Olympus, all took part in the project. Kit Harrington, Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Max von Sydow, Natalie Dormer, Aidan Gillen, and others did a great job bringing George Martin’s characters to life on screen. The show became a cult favorite before the end of the first season.

The silent and mysterious King of the Night, who was the leader of the White Walkers, showed up in the fourth season of “The Battle for the Iron Throne.” His piercing look and bright image, from which the cold of eternity blew so much, caught everyone’s attention right away.

Vladimir Furdik
Vladimir Furdik

Both people who read the Fantastic Saga and watched the TV show were curious about where the Night King came from and who was hiding behind the scary image of a monster in a black cloak with icy blue eyes. Even though he is the personification of Evil, the mysterious leader of the army of the dead is not inherently evil, and George Martin’s idea is that the audience must figure out who he is. The audience won’t be able to figure out who exactly comes back as the King of the Night until the end of the eighth and final season.

Richard Break played the King of the Night until the end of the fifth season. He created the image of the Bringer of Death and Blizzard. In the sixth season, the blue-eyed monster was played by a Slovak stuntman. Before, Furdo played one of the dead, dubbed British actor Luke Roberts’s part as Arthur Dane, led crowd scenes, and did stunts and fights.

Vladimir Furdik Now

Since the sixth season, a Slovak actor and stuntman has played the King of the Night. Vladimir said in an interview from 2018, which is part of the online version of SorozatWiki, that it takes between 5 and 7 hours to put on. He also said that he became friends with Kit Harrington when he played a dead man in the army of the King of the Night. The actor also said that he admired the work of the series’ film crew. When asked why he, who had never taken acting classes or played independent roles, was asked to play such an important character, he said that he didn’t know, but that the directors must have liked his work in the previous parts.

It is known that the Slovak is also working on the Netflix show The Witcher, both as an actor and as a director of stunts and fight scenes. European stars like Henry Cavill, Jodie May, Lars Mikkelsen, Anya Chalotra, and others are filmed in the multi-part movie based on the famous fantasy book by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Vladimir Furdik The Best Work of the Stuntman

The best things to protect the Slovak stuntman were courage, hard work, professional skills, and artistic talent. From 1997 to 2007, Vladimir had the chance to work with the best masters of the dream factory. An important factor was Furdik’s appearance, which is called “rubber” in the film industry. This means that he can take on the features of any actor, and with the right makeup, he looks exactly like a Hollywood star. On screen, Furdik changed into Channing Tatum in “The Eagle” and Tom Hiddleston in “Horses of War” with ease, and the audience didn’t even notice the “substitution.” The Slovak’s last name was changed to the beautiful, biting, and memorable stage name Furdo. For ten years, he worked on more than fifty projects, including world-famous films like “Soldier of the Apocalypse,” “Heart of the Dragon,” “Mademoiselle Musketeer,” “Eragon,” “War and Peace,” and “Prometheus.”

In 2007, Furdo starred in the movie Stardust, which was based on the book by British romantic storyteller Neil Gaiman. Charlie Cox, Robert De Niro, Nathaniel Parker, and Sir Ian McKellen also did great work in the movie.

In the next few years, Furdo worked on movies like The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince of Persia, and Exodus: Kings and Gods. However, most people didn’t know his name, even though he worked with both Hollywood bosses and European masters.

Vladimir Furdik
Vladimir Furdik

Vladimir Furdik Social Media

Vladimir Furdik has around 204k followers on Instagram, and around 24k followers on Twitter, but he does not seem to be active on Facebook.
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Where did Vladimir Furdik get his start?

Bratislava, Slovakia

How old is Vladimir Furdik?

48 years old

What is Vladimir Furdik’s zodiac sign?


What country does Vladimir Furdik come from?


What kind of people does Vladimir Furdik come from?


How do you know what color Vladimir Furdik’s eyes are?


How tall is Vladimir Furdik?

5.11 feet tall

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