Was Reporter Haley Potter Arrested? Erie Tv Anchor Fake Stalking Claims And Charges

As a result of the inquiry that her accusation sparked, reporter Haley Potter was arrested for making up stalking allegations. The investigation lasted for three months. She is going to be held accountable for multiple felonies.

Haley Potter, a journalist working for Erie TV, has filed a lawsuit alleging that someone has been following her and stalking her. Because of this, an investigation was launched and it lasted for three months. Following a thorough investigation, the authorities determined that there had never been any instance of stalking to begin with.

As a direct consequence of this, the journalist was taken into custody yesterday. According to a member of Twitter, she will be facing multiple counts, one of which will be felony fraud. Since the beginning of the last couple of years, Ms. Potter has been employed by Erie TV in the role of a multimedia journalist.

Was Haley Potter Arrested? What Did She Do

The Pennsylvania State Police arrested Haley Potter after receiving bogus reports of stalking from a third party.

According to the allegations made by the Pennsylvania State Police, Potter informed officers at the Erie station in April that she had been the target of persistent stalking and harassment at the hands of an unknown individual. She reported that she had first been bothered by threatening text messages, then by threatening phone calls, and last by threatening voicemails.

The journalist was quoted as saying by You Erie that the text exchanges demonstrated the unidentified person had intimate knowledge of her whereabouts at all times. After that, a message that had been penned and slid under her apartment door. Someone at the television station where she worked presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Haley Potter Charges And Mugshot: Is She On Jail?

There will be multiple felony charges brought against Haley Potter. She is currently being held by the Pennsylvania State Police who have jurisdiction over the situation.

According to the authorities, Potter was charged with forgery, criminal use of a communication facility, access device fraud, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, identity theft, false swearing to mislead a public servant, unsworn falsification to authorities, false reports to law enforcement implicating another person, false reports to law enforcement reporting an offense that did not occur, tampering/fabricating physical evidence, and disorderly conduct. In addition, Potter was accused of engaging in disorderly conduct.

After discovering that she was the mastermind behind the entire operation, the police decided to place her under jail. There was no one who was bothering her, and the authorities spent three months investigating a case that was never real to begin with because they thought it was real.

Who Is Haley Potter? Age And Instagram To Follow

Erie TV in Erie, Pennsylvania, employed Haley Potter as a multimedia journalist. Erie TV is located in Erie.

The 24-year-old employee had been working for the network for the past two years and two months at the time of this sentence. She will be a member of the Slippery Rock University alumni community in the year 2020. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism that focuses on convergence.

In addition to that, Ms. Potter can be reached on Instagram. On the other hand, she has chosen to keep her profile private.

For the time being, it is unclear what her motivation was for acting the way she did. People are under the impression that it was all an act to get attention. During her trial, we will acquire additional information.

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