What Happens With Actor Harwin Strong In House of the Dragon? Is Rhaenyra Targaryen’s Children His Sons?

Harwin Strong meets the same fate as the majority of characters in Game of Thrones in House of the Dragon. Not to ruin the surprise, but the outlook for the knight is not particularly favorable.

Harwin “breakbones” Strong, a minor character in House Of the Dragon, will shortly grab the spotlight in subsequent episodes.

In the few episodes of House of the Dragon that have already aired, viewers have grown attached to a variety of characters. Harwin seems to charm people significantly more than Daemon or Criston, despite appearing on screen for only a minute or two.

Fans have been leaving desperate comments and tweets about the scene in which Ser Harwin Strong carried Rhaenyra to safety ceaselessly on social media, notably Twitter. As they danced together at the pre-wedding party, they noticed that he and Rhaenyra were beginning to develop a certain kind of chemistry.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the current season of House of Dragons and perhaps future seasons.

harwin strong.
harwin strong.

What Occurs With Harwin Strong In The Whole Show House of the Dragon?

Ser Harwin Strong is the heir of Harrenhall, the Westerosi home of House Strong, and a knight of the House of the Dragon.

He is also one of the most powerful individuals in the realm during the Dance of Dragons. Lyonel Strong, the father of Harwin, was a King’s Hand, and his family had close links to the monarch.

During the wedding scene between Princess Rhaenys Targaryen and Ser Laenor Velaryon, fans may recall that Ser Criston Cole mauled the king’s consort’s lover.

The fact that the princess was still in the thick of the bloody struggle caused all onlookers to get worried. Soon after, Ser Harwin Strong noticed the princess and took her away from the overpowering crowd while sliding on his back through the sea of thronging people.

With Harwin’s eagerness to nurture Rhaenyra’s tendencies, which others are eager to destroy, House of the Dragon has already begun to plant the seeds for this to occur. He has also proven a commitment to defend Rhaenyra, as the City Watch is pledged to do.

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First Look of Harwin Strong in The House of the Dragon

Ser Harwin was first seen at Prince Aegon’s second naming day ceremony in the third episode. He participated alongside his father and King Viserys in the Royal Hunt. In addition, his physical strength is demonstrated in the fifth episode when he rescues Princess Rhaenyra from the pandemonium during the wedding.

The following episode of House of the Dragon reveals Harwin to be a member of the City Watch. His demeanor has earned him the moniker Breakbones, and he is commonly regarded as the most muscular man in the Seven Kingdoms.

In House of the Dragon, he has not yet had the opportunity to exhibit this, but he soon will. Harwin has demonstrated up until that time that he provides unique value to House of the Dragon.

In “Second of His Name,” Harwin is one of several witnesses who watch Rhaenyra pass through the camp covered in pig’s blood (season 1, episode 3). Various characters, including Jason Lannister (Jefferson Hall) and King Viserys, Alicent, and Otto Hightower, exhibit scorn for Rhaenyra at the same time.

Harwin’s expression of joy and pride in response to Rhaenyra’s recent excursion distinguishes him among these cuts to other individuals.

Due to Harwin’s silent but emotional support for Rhaenyra at this point, he and House of the Dragon supporters, who were proud of Rhaenyra’s confident march into camp, become friends.
Harwin proceeded to apologize in the future House of the Dragon episode, “King of the Narrow Sea.” Even though Harwin only makes a brief appearance in the episode, he manages to give the audience further reasons to like or trust him.

Harwin, a member of the City Watch, encounters Rhaenyra as she and Daemon embark on a secret nocturnal trip. When he finds that Rhaenyra is indeed the princess, he makes fun of her and allows her to go with Daemon.

Harwin’s apparent silence and possible reluctance to come forward to confirm or deny these claims, coupled with the rapidity with which “King of the Narrow Sea” explores what transpired between Rhaenyra and Daemon that night, allow viewers and Rhaenyra to consider him a likely candidate to place their trust in going forward.

Actor harwin strong
Actor harwin strong

Is Harwin Strong The Father Of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s Sons?

Based on their hair color and other characteristics, many, including Queen Alicent, suspect that Harwin Strong is the father of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s kids.

Rhaenyra and Harwin end up falling in love in the books, although it is yet unknown if the television adaptation will follow the same path.

The organization known as “the blacks” that supports Princess Rhaenyra and her claim to the Iron Throne will progressively catch Harwin’s notice. When the situation in the Red Keep becomes intolerable and Rhaenyra flees Alicent, claiming Dragonstone as her home, Harwin will follow, and legend has it that he will behave as more than just an ally or a sworn protector.

Rhaenyra struggles to regain her footing after giving birth to her third son, Joffrey Velaryon, in a quick clip from episode 6 that is already making the rounds online. She had previously given birth to Jacaerys and Lucerys. You may question how this relates to Ser Harwin.

Given that both of their parents are of pure Valyrian descent, all three boys are reported to resemble Ser Harwin in Fire & Blood and The World of Ice & Fire, as opposed to inheriting the conventional traits of Old Valyria.

The absence of silver-gold hair and purple pigment in the eyes of Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey Velaryon suggests that Ser Laenor is not their father.

Although Fire & Blood frames itself as a “serious” historical chronicle that glosses over more intimate occurrences, it is never stated directly that Harwin was Rhaenyra’s lover. However, House of the Dragon should expose the full extent of the link between the two individuals.

In fact, in contrast to the silver-blonde wigs worn by all other Valyrian figures, the children who play Princes Jacaerys and Lucerys had full heads of dark hair. Considering how terrible these wigs have been thus far, it may be best for them if they abandon them.

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Does Harwin Strong Dies in House of the Dragon?

Spoiler Alert! According to the novel Fire & Blood, The Breakbones mysteriously dies at the castle Harrenhall alongside his father. When Arya was kidnapped and encountered Tywin Lannister during the second season of Game of Thrones, we were exposed to this creepy place.

The birth of three princes indirectly causes the death of Ser Harwin. Prince Aemond Targaryen, the third-born child of King Viserys and Queen Alicent, calls them “Strongs” in jest, sparking a fight.

The four boys, who had previously fought with wooden swords, suddenly switch to more dangerous weapons, and Lucerys draws his knife to slash Aemond in the face. In addition, he removes Aemond’s right eye, earning him the nickname “Aemond One-Eye.”

Following this altercation, King Viserys orders Ser Harwin’s expulsion from Princess Rhaenyra’s household. Then he returns to Harrenhal, where his story concludes in a flaming manner. In the same year, a devastating fire destroyed the town, killing Ser Harwin and Lord Lyonel.

Officially, the accident was attributed to Harrenhal’s curse, but if you understand what this means, it’s more comparable to a Lady Rhea Royce situation. Given that Daemon had access to a dragon, it would not be unreasonable to assume that he could rapidly fly to the Vale to dispose of a wife he had grown bored of. Lady Rhea’s demise in Fire & Blood is depicted as a tragic accident.

Harwin’s death is believed to have been carried out by Daemon Targaryen once more to eliminate competition for Rhaenyra’s affections by Lord Corlys Velaryon in retaliation for the defamation Ser Harwin inflicted on his son’s honor by King Viserys himself to stop the rumors about Rhaenyra and by Harwin’s brother Larys.

Growth Of House Strong

Until now, House Strong has remained a minor house on House of the Dragon, but now that Lyonel has been appointed Hand of the King and his successors are becoming much more acquainted with the queen consort and princess, the family is unquestionably on the rise.

During Aegon’s Conquest, House Strong joined House Tully in rising against Harren Hoare, King of the Isles and Rivers, and instead supported House Targaryen.

During the reign of King Aegon I Targaryen, Ser Osmund Strong was named Hand of the King and oversaw the construction of the walls surrounding King’s Landing.

The Strong family has flourished in King’s Landing for the past decade. Lyonel is a skilled Hand of the King who meets Viserys’ needs accurately. Harwin is currently the Commander of the City Watch, the Gold Cloaks, while Larys is the Lord Confessor, the royal torturer.

Harwin Has A Solid Bond With Lyonel

As the eldest son of Lyonel Strong, House of the Dragon has already begun to argue that Harwin is descended from a line of shrewd individuals (Gavin Spokes). As Master of Laws to King Viserys, Lyonel has proven himself as a dependable ally.

Throughout House of the Dragon, Lyonel has attempted to persuade Viserys to behave in the best interest of his House and the kingdom, but Viserys has not always heeded his advice. It is also vital to note that Lyonel has not used his relationship with Viserys for personal gain.

At the very least, Lyonel pushed Viserys to reconcile with Lord Corlys for the sake of money (Steve Toussaint). He advised that Viserys marry Laena, daughter of Corlys, to achieve this. After Viserys rejected it the first time, Lyonel reintroduced the idea to Rhaenyra and Corlys’ son Laenor.

Before becoming the Lord of Harrenhal, Lord Lyonel travelled to Oldtown to train as a mage. He attended the Westerosi version of the university for a number of years, earning an incredible six links on his chain, signifying that he had earned at least the level of “acolyte” and might have attained the title of “maester” if he had so wished.

After having a change of heart, he decided he no longer desired that existence (and perhaps growing tired of celibacy).

Like his ancestor Osmund, the first Strong to serve a Targaryen as Hand of the King, Lord Lyonel is reticent and modest in demeanor, yet he possesses a keen understanding of political strategy. Viserys’ selection of Lyonel as his second Hand was one of his few truly astute decisions.

Larys & Harwin Strong are Both brothers.

Larys, the younger brother of the courageous Ser Harwin who has never been knighted or officially recognized, is the final Strong family member to be observed. This is due to the fact that Larys already had a nickname: “Larys the Clubfoot,” a cruel joke that poked fun of his disability, clubfoot and other infirmities from infancy.

During the huge hunt in the third episode of House of Dragon, Larys is shown briefly opting to converse with the women in the pavilion as opposed to boasting with the guys outside.

As seen in the fifth episode, his battle with Alicent displays his cunning and exceptional ability to collect information from others. During these listening sessions, he may have heard that the Grand Maester had prepared the morning-after drug, moon tea, for Princess Rhaenyra.

He subsequently relayed this information to Queen Alicent regarding the princess’ more secluded nighttime habits.

House of the Dragon has already alluded to Queen Alicent’s relationship with the Clubfoot. He will later join Alicent and Prince Aegon in supporting the Greens during the civil war. He will attend the small council meetings and contribute his shrewd intelligence to Aegon II’s succession.

In Fire & Blood, Larys becomes a strong Master of Whispers, similar to Varys from Game of Thrones.

Some FAQs

Who performs the role of Harwin Strong in House of the Dragon?

Ryan Corr portrays Harwin Strong in the HBO series House of Dragons.

Who is Strong Harwin?

Ser Harwin Strong, often known as Breakbones, was a knight from House Strong and the heir to Harrenhal.

How does Harwin Strong die?

At Harrenhal, both Lord Lyonel Strong, his father, and Harwin perished in a fire.

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