Who Is Footballer Jason Dunstall Wife Deb Dunstall? Former Australian Rules Footballer Married Life And Split Facts

Former Australian Rules Football player Jason Dunstall. He was a standout for his lightning-quick speed while playing for the Hawthorn Football Club in the Australian Football League.

For almost 14 years, Dunstall was a prolific forward who made his name. He participated in 269 AFL games between 1985 and 1998, kicking 1254 goals, good for third place on the league’s all-time list.

Jason is one of just six AFL players with a career total of 1,000 goals.

Dunstall continued to have a strong connection to sports even after retiring. He was a Fox Footy analyst and commentator as well as the host of the programme Bounce.

Who Is Deb Dunstall, Wife of Jason Dunstall?

Deb Dunstall, also known as Debbie, and Jason Dunstall have already divorced. The ex-couple hasn’t formally made the claims in the media, though.

Dunstall and Deb have been away from one another for longer in recent days. In their individual lives, they have continued to drive.

In 2003, the AFL star got married to Deb. They dated for a long time, and Ded fervently backed Jason’s professional endeavours.

Deb has, as far as we know, been a very devoted and encouraging wife. She stood by him through every stage of his life and supported him throughout his career. Jason goes so far as to say that his wife made a significant contribution to his career success.

Australian citizen and current Sydney resident, Dunstall’s ex-wife now lives in Sydney. She used Facebook until November 2020; as of right now, we were unable to find any social media handles associated with her name.

The couple went to a lot of local, national, and international events together. They even went to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia’s Crown Casino in 2003 for the Vodka Cruiser Charity Challenge, a fundraiser for kids with cancer.

On the basis of his social media activity, Jason is not currently involved in a new relationship. Additionally, he hasn’t recently written anything about his wife Deb Dunstall.

Has Jason Dunstall Got Kids?

Deb Dunstall, Jason’s wife, and the couple are childless. The couple had been married for many years, but they never had any kids. Perhaps it’s because Dunstall was a very active athlete.

There is no online information about Jason Dunstall’s children, making it difficult to determine whether he had any.

Dunstall has images from his time playing American football on his Instagram page. His family or children are never mentioned in any of his Instagram posts.

Chief Dunstall is also his username on Instagram. He has appeared on many talk shows and supported other AFL players on the field. He also appears to be brave and daring. He is pictured in one of his posts posing next to a huge snake at a TV show.

The Value Of Jason Dunstall In 2022

Jason Dunstall, a former AFL player, is thought to have a net worth of about $1 million.

He played for Hawthorn from 1985 to 1998 during his fourteen-year AFL career, earning a sizable sum of money from sponsors and endorsement deals. Similarly, he had a great start in the broadcast industry after his retirement.

Dunstall, a living football legend, was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame as Queensland’s first representative.

The full-forward has presided as the Melbourne Renegades’ chairman since 2015. Along with acting as interim CEO in 2004, he has also served on the Hawthorn Board of Directors.

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