Who Is Laura Kuenssberg Husband James Kelly? The British Journalist Marriage Details

Aura Kuenssberg is the first woman to make history by holding the position of political editor for the BBC.

The political heavyweight has been serving in the post since July 2015, making her the first woman in the company’s history to hold that particular position.

Since the year 2022, she has been all over the news since she will be taking over for Andrew Marr as the anchor of the main Sunday morning politics show on BBC One, which will begin airing in September of that year.

The news was broken in March of 2022, and now it is time for Laura to commit herself fully to the role, which will allow her to leave yet another mark on the world.

Laura Kuenssberg Is A Devoted Wife To Her Husband James Kelly

The award-winning journalist who has worked in the industry for more than twenty years devotes the same amount of time and energy to her family life and marriage to James Kelly.

James, Laura’s husband, is in the business of providing management consulting services professionally. It is said that he attended and graduated from Harvard University, which is indicative of his powerful educational and professional background.

In addition to this, Mr. Kelly is reported to be a passionate animal lover who keeps a large number of pets in his home. The pair had once made Mile End, which is located in East London, their primary abode.

Laura Kuenssberg With Her Husband James Kelly
Laura Kuenssberg With Her Husband James Kelly

Despite the fact that Ms. Kuenssberg is a media person and is accessible to the media regarding her works, she does not allow the cameras to document her married life.

Because of this, the particulars of the couple’s marriage, including the fact that they are seen together in public, are not displayed.

Our understanding is that Laura and James do not interact with each other’s work outside of the context of their respective colleague circles, with the exception of a few isolated instances.

This refined couple does not have any children together as a result of their marriage, but they are content to spend time in each other’s company.

BBC Senior Laura Kuenssberg And Husband James Kelly Share Do Not Share Much Of An Age Gap In Their Marriage

At the age of 46, Laura Kuenssberg has decided to step aside from her job as political editor at the BBC, which she has held for some time.

She entered the world on August 8, 1976 in the city of Rome, Italy. She continued her education in journalism at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in the United States after earning a degree in journalism from the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Journalist Laura Kuenssberg
Journalist Laura Kuenssberg

Both she and her husband, James Kelly, attended the University of Edinburgh; however, James Kelly ultimately decided to complete his education at Harvard University after moving to the United States.

The two have known each other for a considerable amount of time, and it is possible that they belong to the same age bracket. As a result, the well-known couple who are known for their love of privacy do not have a significant gap between them in their marriage.

As a result, Laura and James have continued to maintain a contented marriage without experiencing any difficulties as a result of that circumstance.

The information that the couple adores “The Philadelphia Story” and frequently watches it together was published in Hello Magazine in the year 2020.

Laura’s response to the question of whether or not they watch the classic romantic comedy because of its romantic aspects was that only her husband knew the reason.

The Difference in Net Worth Between Laura Kuenssberg and Her Husband James Kelly

Laura, who is leaving her position as political editor at the BBC, will be joining Andrew Barr on the flagship Sunday morning politics show on BBC One, where she will be paid even more.

According to Express UK, Andrew Marr earned somewhere in the range of £335,000 to £340,000 year while he was working on the show.

Without a shadow of a doubt, his replacement will also make approximately the same amount. As a result, Laura’s annual income will be greater than the range of 260,000 to 265,000 pounds that it was when she worked as the political editor.

Her jaw-dropping compensation figures indicate that she has been a billionaire as a direct result of her work as a journalist for the past two decades.

The same can be said for her husband James, who is also a seasoned professional in his industry and graduated from an Ivy League institution.

Since Glass Door indicates that the typical annual pay of a management consultant in London is £55,482, and since he has more experience than the average consultant, he makes more than the typical compensation.

Because of this, both the husband and the wife have amassed several millions of dollars in their respective net worth portfolios over the course of their lengthy careers.

Both James and Laura have refrained from discussing their respective net worths, so it will be up to an official source to determine how their respective numbers stack up against one another. In the meantime, the comparison between their statistics will be made soon.

Laura Kuenssberg Family

She was welcomed into the world in the beautiful country of Italy by her devoted parents, Nick and Sally Kuenssberg. Her father is a successful businessman, and her mother was honored with a CBE in the New Year’s Honours for her efforts in the field of child welfare in the year 2000. She was recognized for this achievement. Additionally, Nick spent a number of years working for the British company Coats Viyella in Italy. This position was located in Italy.

Ekkehard von Kuenssberg was the name of her grandmother’s grandpa on her father’s side. He was one of the original founders of the Royal College of General Practitioners and went on to become its president. In addition to this, her paternal grandfather served as a judge on the Scottish High Court of Justice and was given the title of Lord Robertson. James Wilson Robertson, Lord’s brother’s brother, served as the final British Governor-General of Nigeria. James Wilson Robertson was Lord’s brother’s brother.

In addition, Laura has an older brother whose name is David, and they call each other brothers. David currently works for the City Council of Brighton and Hove as an executive director of finance and resources. In addition to this, she is the younger sister of a woman named Joanna Kuenssberg, who was a diplomat in the past and worked as the high commissioner for Mozambique.

Laura Kuenssberg Weight, Height, and Other Measurements

How tall is Laura Kuenssberg? She has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches, which is equivalent to 1.67 meters or 167 centimeters. She is approximately 55 kilograms (or 121 pounds) in weight. She has stunning dark brown eyes, and her hair is a light blonde color. What are Laura Kuenssberg’s height, weight, and other physical measurements? Her body is 34 inches wide, 28 inches deep, and 38 inches tall. The cup size that she wears in her bra is a 34 C.

Laura Kuenssberg Age

How old is Laura Kuenssberg? The 8th of August, 1976 is the day she was born. Her age, in years, is 44. She was born in Italy but later moved to the United Kingdom, therefore she has dual citizenship in both countries.

Laura Kuenssberg Net Worth

How much does Laura Kuenssberg have in terms of her own wealth? Both the Political Studies Association and the British Journalism Awards honored her as Broadcaster of the Year in 2016. Additionally, she was honored as Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards. It is estimated that she has a net worth of more than 800,000. (USD).

Biography of Laura Kuenssberg, as well as Ethnicity

Laura is a journalist who was born in the United Kingdom. She was born to Nick and Sally Kuenssberg, who are her parents. Her elder sister Joanna Kuenssberg. Before beginning her career as a trainee journalist for BBC North East and Cumbria in March 2000, she was employed in Glasgow first by a small radio station and subsequently by cable television. Her promotion to the position of chief political correspondent at the BBC came in the year 2009. Her first appearance as a co-anchor on News at Ten took place on August 27, 2013, alongside Alastair Stewart.

Education, Career Details Regarding Laura

  • Laura was born in the Italian capital of Rome.
  • She is a well-known journalist in the United Kingdom.
  • She attends Laurel Bank School all the way through the end of her high school career.
  • The University of Edinburgh was where Kuenssberg completed his studies in History.
  • Her current husband goes by the name James Kelly, and they recently tied the knot.
  • She was presented with the Broadcaster of the Year award by the Political Studies Association in the month of November 2016.

Laura Kuenssberg Facts

  • In 2019, the Evening Standard compiled a list of the top 20 “most influential Londoners,” and Laura Kuenssberg was one of those honored.
  • 2019 saw the debut of her second documentary film, titled The Brexit Storm Continues: Laura Kuenssberg’s Inside Story.
  • She is quite active across a variety of social media platforms.
  • During her time as a student, she worked as an intern for a political program broadcast on NBC News.
  • Her grandfather was an employee of the British corporation Coats Viyella for a period of years, and he was stationed in Italy.
  • Italy is where Laura Kuenssberg began her life on our planet.
  • The star sign of Leo is Laura Kuenssberg’s birthday.
  • Both the Political Studies Association and the British Journalism Awards honored her as Broadcaster of the Year in 2016. Additionally, she was honored as Journalist of the Year at the British Journalism Awards.
  • Nick Kuenssberg and Sally Kuenssberg are her parents. David is the name of her brother, while Joanna is the name of her sister. James Kelly, a consultant in management, became her husband.

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