Who Is Sharon Mercer(Rich House Poor House Cast)? Death Cause And Tribute On Channel 5

The person who hosts “Rich House” and “Poor House.” Even though Sharon Mercer, who appeared in one of the episodes, has passed away, the reason for her passing is still unknown to us.

The program does not take into account the particular financial circumstances of each family. Instead, it examines the role that money plays in family dynamics.

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Who is Rich House Poor House’s Sharon Mercer?

Sharon is a single parent who cares for her five children. Her residence is located in a sketchy part of town. It has been quite some time since her daughter has visited the restroom. Sharon discusses the conflicts that have arisen within her family, her decision to quit school, and her isolation as a result of her daughter’s chronic constipation. Today was the day that her daughter passed away, but the reason behind her passing is still a mystery.

Sharon is frustrated because her physician does not comprehend how serious these issues are and provides her with recommendations that she does not believe are suitable for her.

Because Sharon is unable to obtain any additional assistance, she is reliant on her mother to ensure that she is able to maintain her employment and provide for her children. Sharon is well-known in the community, and as a result, she receives a significant amount of assistance from the other parents in her neighborhood.

She shared her story on the eighth episode of the eighth season of “Rich House, Poor House.”

Sharon Mercer story on Channel 5 and Rich House, Poor House season 8

Rich House Poor House was a show that aired on Channel 5 in which two families that had drastically different incomes and ways of life would swap their homes, spending plans, and even their entire lives for a week in order to experience Sharon Mercer’s life from a different perspective.

A well-known television show called Rich House, Poor House is following the swap and is looking for new families to participate. To this point, people from some of the wealthiest parts of the United Kingdom have traded places with families from some of the poorest parts of the United Kingdom on the show.

In contrast to what you might believe, families who live within a few minutes of each other have frequently traded belongings with one another.

A Tribute to Sharon Mercer from Rich House Poor House

The British television show Rich House Poor House features a cast of actors including Craig Kelly, Trotta Saarikko, Adam Stott, and others. The program is being directed by a group of people including Danny Fildes, Marcus English, and Simon Bowyer, among others. The premiere of the first episode took place on March 30th, 2017. Following Sharon’s passing, Channel 5 aired a special program to remember and celebrate her life.

Under the banner of Hat Trick Productions, a group of people including Claire Collinson-Jones, Emma Read, Jon Durbridge, and David Emerson are responsible for producing the show. In order to gain a better understanding of one another’s lives, two families who come from different social classes and income levels agree to trade places to live, their weekly spending plans, and their social status for one week.

The intriguing insight demonstrates how the family is able to get by on such a limited budget and how they managed to get to the point where they are now in the “rich mansion.” Both families are followed by camera crews as they adjust to their new routines, including their new spending limits, activities, and even friends from the other family.

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